Latest Global Witness Video


Latest GW Video


THIS IS NOT AN OLD VIDEO RE-UPLOAD. I choose to use my original camera for this message. I felt appropriate. This subject and many others will be discussed in the coming few days about HOW to be the Resistance. -Breaking from the system and what that looks like -Learning to die to this and much more in the coming days -How to understand the pressures we are feeling and WHY they are good. Also, this coming Tuesday Jacob Israel will join me for a deep discussion about #ChristIsTheResistance and Jacobs Trouble from Scripture. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER: This channel is not monetized and can only happen with your support.

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  1. Good morning it’s me again I’m so sorry to keep bothering you but I don’t know how else to get a hold of you if you ever find time I would love to talk to you. I’ve lefted past messages not too familiar with how to leave messages and how to work the site but anyway I’m leaving you another message. I saw something on this damn podcast where they show the moon turn flat it is identical to the spaceship that shows on the naughty beaver video the one that stuck in Antarctica. And I also wanted to tell you about my dime that I seem to appear out of thin air !!! or find in the odds places one dime at a time it’s always just a dime. And little obs in my bedroom . Anyway if you ever have the time to talk to me I would appreciate a phone call or an email my phone number is 505-670-1973 my email is CNPT please let me know that you at least got my email or if you’ve at least read them.I live in Santa Fe New Mexico if you want to know who I am I am one of your members and they go under CG

      1. Hi Derek I have followed u since the beginning, and an a member for 2 years now . I pay my membership of 100 so what’s up with been BLOCKED from making comments I go by cg, anyway everytime your live I try to leave a comment so do u have me BLOCKED???

  2. Thank u for reading my email so what’s your email? U need to have your Meliá on more often, I wasent to sure at first , your message is so strong but she adds to your message with her views and she asks questions and Meliá thank u for adding more light to sure a dark world. remember ever in Santa Fe NM look me up your just right next door. Lots of love cg

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