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    1. This is really funny! I ordered this book a few days ago and it came by Amazon yesterday. Just started reading it this morning. What a coincidence. Wait….I don’t believe in coincidences. LOL

        1. Yes I am on my phone. Thanks for the info. I’ll try my laptop instead Do you know what browsers will show It? Thank you so much for all your hard work to make all this happen. I plan to make another. Donation today You’ve taught me sooo much ! I’m forever grateful !

  1. Thank you, Derek and Melia for putting so much effort into this site/platform. It’s really exciting to see you make the improvements day by day. All of the information and love you share has meaning beyond what my few simple words can express here in the comments window. Big love to you both – and all.

  2. Father lead me to be where I could continue in his truths. I am blessed to have been with you from the very beginning. Anon to today. I hope with this site we can truly have fellowship and study of all kinds of books and truths .

    Many Blessings and Love

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